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Major League Forum FAQ

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Offline  Major League Forum FAQ

Posted: July 27, 2007, 3:29 AM Post
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Are there any special etiquette requests for the Major League forum?

In addition to observing Fan Forum Etiquette, we ask that members adhere to these two requests:

  • Note that a Designated Threads List has been provided to list topics that are "catch-all" homes for certain types of posts. It's located in the row of links near the top of most pages on this forum. If there's a significant change to this list, it'll be stickied for a few days.
  • Please avoid posting full lineups outside of the designated lineup thread.

Where can I find answers to simple questions?

There are times when looking something up is easier than asking a simple question and waiting for an answer. To help members, a Resource List is provided in the Fan Sites / Resources thread. It can be accessed from most board pages via the row of links directly above the discussion area.

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