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Building a 2019 super-pen

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Posted: March 14, 2019, 5:14 PM Post
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MrTPlush said:
Why do we have to trade them for an ace? Why do we need an ace? How about we just stop making our starters pitch the 6th when they aren't doing that well or get them out when they struggle in the 5-6th? Our starters have numbers way better than they are because we have such a good deep bullpen. Do what we are doing now.

Why even have an ace who can only pitch 1 out of 5 days...and that day your offense might just drop an egg rendering that ace totally wasted. deGrom had out of this world stats yet his team went 14-18 in his starts.

I have always been a fan of creating a super pen...which we essentially trot out there these days. Just make sure we have some solid starters and we will win a ton of games. The super pen can win a is why people are picking us to get to the WS. Bullpens also tend to be more reliable come October vs. starters.

Super pen for life. Destroy opponents in the games you have a chance to win and not waste your best pitchers in games you have low odds of winning.

Absolutely fantastic take! This is THE key to title. We have a good opportunity for a “super pen” at some point this year in my opinion. We could have it now with woody Burnes and peralta to pen, but hurt starting staff too much. Mid-season more realistic with a hopefully healthy jeffress.Brown,Woody,Guerra pitching 2-3 innings, Claudio, Knebel, Hader, Jeffress,Kimbrel. With our line-up and rotation > best team in baseball. Even with-out Kimbrel maybe.

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