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2019 Brewers Season Predictions

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Posted: March 29, 2019, 4:43 PM Post
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Clemente’s Dream said:
Brew crew 92 said:
Clemente’s Dream said:
Record 85–77
Playoffs No
All Star Hader, Yelich
Offensive player Yelich
Starter Chacin
Reliever Hader
Most surprising Arcia
Most disappointing Huira

Bold prediction: Brewers get crushed the 1st month of the season by Cards and Dodgers, spending the rest of the year playing solid, entertaining baseball that gives us hope next year

Hope for the future: Peralta, Burnes, and Woodruff keep their collective heads above water

Story of the year: injuries injuries injuries Cain misses most of the season, Nelson moves forward, gets injuries again, Knebel lost season, Jeffress basically a lost season, Thames less than 30 games, Braun plays less than 81 games, etc.

Comeback player: Albers

Personally I’m not discouraged by this. I think it’s more a matter of this is the kind of stuff that happens in baseball. The organization is on the right path and I’d expect he following year to be more competitive.

Crazy prediction: so much parity in the NL that only one team wins 90 games (not gonna happen)

Are you sure your not a cards fan? Be honest. I think you also want baseball to strike. Wouldn’t affect you much, if memory serves me right.

If not for the Yankees the Cards, those smug so and sos, are my most despised franchise in any sport. If my wife was a Cards fan I’d divorce her. If my kid was a Cards fan he’d be out of the will. If my boss was a Cards fan I’d quit my job of 35 years.

I knew you were a cards fan!

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Posted: July 08, 2019, 6:35 PM Post
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How we looking? My Cain prediction is spot on and predicting Yelich and Hader was easy. The rest isn’t looking all too great for me.

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Offline  Re: 2019 Brewers Season Predictions

Posted: July 08, 2019, 8:25 PM Post
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44 predictions in this thread came up with an average of about 91 wins (90.77 if I mathed right) versus preseason projections of 85 (ZIPS), 86 (538) & 88 (BPro).

Currently on pace for 83-84 wins.

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Offline  Re: 2019 Brewers Season Predictions

Posted: July 08, 2019, 10:23 PM Post
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clancyphile said:
Record: 101-61
Playoffs: NL Central Champs
Highest Level of Playoffs: World Series Champs, 4-2 over Boston
All-Stars: Burnes, Hader, Kimbrel, Yelich, Shaw, Aguilar, Grandal, Moustakas
Offensive Player of the Year: Yelich - another near-triple crown
Starting Pitcher of the Year: Corbin Burnes - Becomes a home-grown TOR pitcher
Relief Pitcher of the Year: Hader/Kimbrel (tie)
Most Surprising Position Player: Ryan Braun - Hits like the Braun of 2011-2012/Mike Moustakas - Arcia slump leads to first appearances at shortstop since Full-Season A Ball as he has a 2017-esque season with the bat and Hiura forces his way to the majors
Most Surprising Starting Pitcher: Brandon Woodruff - Burnes will get the All-Star Game appearance and the recognition, but Woodruff will be just as good.
Most Surprising Relief Pitcher: Craig Kimbrel - Signs a one-year deal with mutual option for 2020/Rick Wilson - emerges as solid asset/Jimmy Nelson - Goes to pen as young guns dominate 2019 rotation (tie)
Most Disappointing Position Player: Orlando Arcia - Hits .235/.285/.330 - Barely enough to keep his job, but will lose PT and be relegated to a defensive replacement for Moustakas.
Most Disappointing Starting Pitcher: Chacin - Slight regression from 2018, but young guns will pick up the slack
Most Disappointing Relief Pitcher: Knebel/Jeffress - Injuries will have them miss first-half playing time.

Bold Preditions: As hinted in other topics:
1. Brewers reach deal to add Kimbrel to bullpen by end of opening series.
2. Moustakas will play some shortstop as Arcia struggles at the plate (not 2018 bad, but...).
3. Jimmy Nelson does a John Smoltz and becomes a dominant force in the pen as he recovers from missed PT in 2017-2018.

Well, to date - here's where I was right:
1. Yelich is contending for the Triple Crown again.
2. Hader, Yelich. Grandal, and Moustakas are the four All-Stars for the Crew initially - and I called all of them.
3. Moose hitting like 2017.
4. Woodruff is proving to be a good pitcher - and I didn't expect him to make the ASG.

Where I was wrong:
1. Burnes. Wow.
2. Kimbrel. Didn't think he'd go to the [BLEEP]ing Cubs.
3. Nelson. Maybe trying to make him come back as a starter was a mistake.

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