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Christian Yelich

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Posted: September 08, 2019, 3:36 PM Post
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MrTPlush said:
#1 Because someone literally said it in this thread and it surely isn’t the first time someone has made the claim.

#2 I was never, at any point, speaking for how voters typically vote. I’m very aware how they vote...and it certainly does not dock a guy for being on an elite team. However it is becoming more and more popular for people to say it should be that way. Docking a guy for being in a nine postseason team is questionable enough...docking a guy for his team being too good? Wowza

That makes more sense now what you are saying. Yeah that makes zero sense to me to dock a guy for being on best team. Basically to me, Bellinger right now is Giannis and Yelich is Harden. Bellinger is best player on best team & putting up elite numbers on both sides of ball ( O & D). Harden like Yelich is probably the best offensive weapon in baseball (beside Trout but he’s in AL) but is not incredible on D and is on a lesser team. Both are legit MVPs. In no way should Giannis or Bellinger be docked for playing on top team. That’s crazy because they are large reason for it. Like Harden, Yelich can’t overcome the top dawg on top team votes and defensive importance votes unless he is clear as day superior & more dominant offensively. Harden wasn’t able to convince enough voters to overlook he didn’t lead team to top seed & he was inferior defensively. Yelich has same hurdle. He doesn’t save a ton of runs defensively & he hasn’t led his team to be a top contender.

Where this reasoning is faulty though is in basketball 1 player has far more impact on a games outcome than in baseball.

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Posted: September 08, 2019, 7:17 PM Post
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At the end of the day someone is going to win NL MVP this year and 2-5 other guys will miss out on the award even though their seasons were good enough to be an MVP. There is no real separation here. Voters are probably going to favor guys who make the playoffs, guys who have crazy good final months and to be honest will probably dock Yelich a bit because he won it last year and some voters don't like giving it to repeats.

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Posted: September 08, 2019, 8:45 PM Post
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Think Bellinger, Yelich, Marte, Rendon are in a clear 4 man race.

All 4 have had great seasons and are by most measures the tier 1 offensive guys in NL. Media is in love with Bellinger & Yelich. Rightfully so and offensively Yelich is the best offensively in 19’ but those guys are right there. For whatever reason Rendon is always outstanding but gets little love and national attention. If you don’t look up the stats, you really don’t hear how great he has been. Marte is young and has made strides each year & took huge leap this year. Being on Dbacks he doesn’t get enough attention as well. If you give Acuna Jr either Rendon’s or Marte’s stats I think media & voters would fill up 1st place ballots. Voters have a bias to the bigger name guys.

My prediction as of today would be
1. Bellinger
2. Yelich
3. Rendon
4. Marte
5. Acuna
6. Soto
7. Arenado
8. Alonso
9. Donald
10. Story

1. Trout
2-10 doesn’t matter.... it’s Trout & only Trout (so happy Brewers got robbed by Former comp system & Brewers getting Arnett instead of Trout

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