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Forbes Baseball Team Values

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Posted: April 11, 2019, 2:06 PM Post
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Brew4U said:
Brew crew 92 said:
Forbes,statista,fangraphs est playoff revenue,new Fox tv deal, there are many others you’ll find while looking.

I am curious what you think the breakeven payroll is for this year?

One more thing: Rick Schlesinger said ticket sales up 20%

Corporate sponsors are way up. Didn’t say how much.

Can’t find that info by google.

My guesstimate for this year’s breakeven payroll:
156 million

Who cares? Why would I even begin to speculate it? They've pushed their opening day payroll to compete this year. Made plenty of moves to put a really good team on the field. The payroll is the highest it has ever been at this point in our organization's history. I'm sure there is room if the right fit comes open throughout the year. There should be. Maxing out would be complete, an utterly, idiotic thing to do to yourself. Leaving a possible contending team with no wiggle room would be just flat out stupid. I don't know how else to say that. But spewing that MA is lying when saying all-in isn't true either. They have a budget. They have their parameters to work within as they should. You may want a winner but I'd be willing to bet that MA does too. He's shown that he's willing to do things that no other owner in Milwaukee has. He's fully invested with us in this. Other than that, again who honestly cares what I think their "breakeven payroll" is? What I get on you about is your agenda and your use of your opinion for fact. And you rationalize it with a sob story of how long you've been a fan of the Brewers like that should matter for being flat out wrong in many of your posts.

We know your #1 agenda is to belittle me because I made your “ head hurt” reading thru posts.

Didn’t your parents tell you to respect and be kind to your elders?

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