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Rule Changes for rosters in 2020

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Posted: February 15, 2020, 2:04 PM Post
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tmwiese55 said:
jerichoholicninja said:
Complicated rules to fix problems that don't even exist. Manfred must have worked for the government in a previous life.

That's my take as well. They're going down the NFL road of over regulating things. This fixes a problem that didn't exist.

What kills for us is that these rules seem almost targeted at what MKE has done the last 2-3 years.

I agree.

Reduce the September rosters.

Limit when position players can pitch.

Adjusting how long pitchers must stay down...

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Offline  Re: Rule Changes for rosters in 2020

Posted: March 29, 2020, 8:48 AM Post

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djoctagone said:
mlb announces rule changes for 2020:

--pitchers requisite stay for being optioned increases from 10 days to 15 days. position players can be recalled after 10 days.

--pitchers and two-way players must remain on the injured list for a minimum of 15 days--an increase from 10 days.

with the potential of an abbreviated season (and a season more aggressively played with as many as two doubleheaders a week), coupled with an uncertainty of how the minor league season will work (which normally ends early september), mlb and the players association have to be considering a modification to these new rules . . .

perhaps they go back to the 2019 rules of 10 days instead of 15 days? and/or further reduce the minimum from 10?

or perhaps with the cases above they change days to games played by the parent club while the player is on the injured list or on optional assignment (i.e. a major league club plays nine games over a seven day period, so as soon as the tenth game is played, the player can be recalled or activated)?

also, with the potential of two double headers a week, what will happen to the extra player rule? in 2019, it was the 26th player rule. for 2020, it was going to be the 27th player rule. if two double headers are scheduled within the same week, will mlb require that the 27th (or extra) player be a different player than the one from the doubleheader just days prior? or, will mlb waive the physical reporting requirement for an optioned player and allow that player to work out with the club as an inactive player until the next scheduled double header? if a double header is scheduled just three days after a double header, it doesn't make sense for the extra player to have to physically report to where ever the assigned minor league club is playing only to have turn around and fly back to the major league club.

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