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the 75 of 2021 . . . what does it mean?

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Offline    the 75 of 2021 . . . what does it mean?

Posted: February 23, 2021, 2:36 PM Post

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2021 spring training is going to be a bit different than any previous years. if you've been to the facilities in the maryvale neighborhood, you know that there are many fields that minor league prospects work out on, and that there are hundreds of players on the grounds.

clubs are now limited to 75 players on site at one time. creating this thread to keep track of this player pool, because it may or may not determine eligibility of activation at the major league level if a covid outbreak occurs. fans should know that there is no penalty for removing players from this 75-man pool (unlike last year), but for now, i'm going on the assumption that in order to be activated for the big leagues, you have to be in this 75-man pool.

what we know thus far:

the 40-man roster is full.

the brewers have 21 non-roster invitees in major league camp.

that puts the club at 61 players.

this article lists 15 players with early invitations, which puts the total at 76 players. not sure how they get to be one over, but they may be excluding jacob nottingham, who’s currently out with an injury.

rhp luke barker
lhp leo crawford
rhp bowden francis
lhp antoine kelly
rhp max lazar
rhp reese olson
rhp zach vennaro
of micah bello
3b lucas erceg
c/of cooper hummel
c nick kahle
of/1b dustin peterson
of hedbert perez
inf/of jamie westbrook
ss freddy zamora

it's likely that a couple non-roster invitees will opt out. that may prompt the club to add additional guys to the 75-man pool. let's keep track of them in this thread.

if you see a guy appear in a box score that's not on the 40-man, not a non-roster invitee, or not on the list above, then it's worth reporting here, and we'll try to make sense of it.

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Offline  Re: the 75 of 2021 . . . what does it mean?

Posted: February 23, 2021, 2:49 PM Post

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eight days ago, david stearns was projecting this:

57 or 58 in big league camp (we now know it's actually 21 non-roster invitees plus a full 40-man roster = 61)

12 or 13 "early camp guys"--which would correspond with the list of minor leaguers above (we now know it's actually 15)

approximately five rehabbers (not sure who on the list of 76 players counts as a rehabber)

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