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Ronald Acuna, Sr. Played for Huntsville in 2006

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Offline  Ronald Acuna, Sr. Played for Huntsville in 2006

Posted: September 21, 2019, 4:56 AM Post
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This was such a cool thing for me to look up thanks to this brief but fantastic Twitter exchange between Tim Dillard and former big league Brewer OF Drew Anderson (currently a Regional Supervisor in the Crew's Amateur Scouting Department.)

We have created Brewerfan Player Pages going back to 2001. Heck, back in 2006, we even manually keyed in career year-by-year stat lines (here's Ronald Acuna, Sr.), as the guys discuss at the tweet.

Ronald Acuna, Sr. was a very young dad, only 18 years old when his son was born.

Sure enough, Acuna, Sr. spent the 2006 season (and the end of his affiliated baseball pro career) as a minor league free agent signed by the Crew the prior January to fill in the AA Huntsville roster.


You'll notice Drew Anderson and now Texas Rangers' Assistant Big League Hitting Coach Callix Crabbe mentioned here:

Acuna stars for Huntsville
Right fielder drives in six runs in 12-4 win at Birmingham


Here's a sweet photo link.


Ronald Acuña: Avoiding the sins of the father
By reaching the major leagues, Acuña Jr. fulfills dad’s dream
By César Augusto Márquez, by La Vida Baseball

Well, not like bad sins, just baseball "mistakes".


Baseball is a family affair for Braves phenom Ronald Acuña Jr.
Matt Ehalt, Yahoo Sports


I'm always enthused when a nugget of info like that has us reaching deep, deep into the Brewerfan archives.

Thanks Tim! Thanks Drew!

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