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Chris Archer

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Posted: January 03, 2018, 10:55 PM Post
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MadThinker88 said:
IIRC there is also a difference in the amount of player control. Right now there are 4 yrs of control for Archer (at cheaper rate of pay). Going INTO last season, Sale had 3 total years of control remaining.

While Sale had a better overall track record going into his trade, Archer's additional control year & reduced salary cost makes a HUGE difference. Also as Reillymcshane pointed out above: Archer also fulfills a need for Tampa at this point.

I can see Archer costing a team more than Boston paid for Sale.

Yes, Tampa is willing to move Archer at this point, but they don't HAVE to deal him now. They can wait for someone to overwhelm them or wait to see if someone gets needy enough at the 2018 trade deadline to pony up even more value (thinking Archer is the needed piece to make/ ensure a post-season trip).

You make good points, but teams tend to pay a premium for elite talent. Look no further than the haul for Chapman versus the haul for Robertson AND kahnle. Even with archer having a year more control and lower salaries, sale still has far more value to other teams. I personally would be much more inclined to trade a couple top prospects in a package for 3 years of sale than 4 years of archer.

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Posted: January 04, 2018, 12:24 AM Post
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Sale is a true Ace. Archer isn't even close in Sale's Value even with an extra year of team control. Archer's BWar last 5 seasons is a total of 12. 12! Sale had 24.7 BWAR And I know others respect Fangraphs more in rankings. Sale 29FWAR Archer 17.5. For 3million a year savings and 1 less year of team control.

I think the baseball world is going to open up on the Brewers prospects pre-season rankings and the values some are putting our guys at are going to look foolish when these guys are in the top 50 and not barely in the top 100. Brinson is in the top 15 on while posting his exceptional numbers when healthy. Burnes is off and running proving doubters wrong as to being a SP and is full on legit with his talent. It took him 16 Starts to reach AA where 16 starts there resulted in a 2.1ERA. He should be top 50 if not top 35 in no time continuing his success. Harrison went from a 32% K rate, 6HR 8SB season to 27% K rate and 21HR 27SB while possessing a 70-80 grade OF arm will be 22 entering AA most likely. He's going to be close to top 60 rankings based on where he's fitting in the Brewers team rankings.

Could care less on the gotta give up talent to acquire talent. These 3 and I should include Hiura to this point should come with an immediate hanging up of the phone if asked for in a trade for Archer(not an Ace) These are a name you include in a Sale trade and even then it would only be 1 of them. Brinson, Ortiz, Peralta, and filler would match what Boston gave up.

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