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Madison Bumgarner

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Posted: March 18, 2019, 6:36 PM Post
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OnTheBlack said:
MNBrew said:
I hate rooting for the media's darlings in any sport, which usually is tied to the largest markets.

MLB: Yankees, Mets, BoSox, Cubs, Dodgers
NBA: Lakers, Knicks (on the rare-lately chance they're actually good)
NFL: Cowboys

I like that list, but I'd take the Mets out and put the Cards in. I don't really see the Mets as Media darlings. In fact, they seem to get small market treatment more than anything. All the rumors of them trading Degrom and Syndergaard(a guy who's 25 years old, has the stuff that people hoped Strausburg would have and is coming off a "disappointing" 4.0 WAR season).

Can you imagine if the Cards had a couple guys who still had multiple years under team control talking about trading two talents like that? I actually think they get treated like the little brothers they are in NYC.

Other than that, I am in 100 pct agreement with that list. I might add the Pats as I just hate watching them somehow win year after year.

I get tired of the Patriots winning every year, too, but the "from 10,000 feet," view like the 49ers in Joe Montana's day, when it comes to how they play the game on the field (in other words, taking Belichek's personality out of the equation), it's hard to argue with the results because they're just incredibly good.

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