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Turang for sale??

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Posted: September 02, 2021, 12:25 PM Post
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Yeah, even if you sort the leaderboard by lowest ISO there are still some pretty valuable players there despite the paucity of power.

Nicky Lopez (9.3 BB% | 13.7 K% | .072 ISO) has put up 3.5 WAR on account of +8.2 BSR & +10.4 DEF to go with a 292/363/363 (103 wRC+) batting line.

Myles Straw (10.1 BB% | 19.3 K% | .080 ISO) has put up 2.9 WAR on account of +4.5 BSR & +8.6 DEF to go with a 267/342/347 (97 wRC+) batting line.

I feel like Turang has gotten the JP Crawford comp before with JP currently at 8.1 BB% | 17.5 K% | .092 ISO shaking out to 1.9 WAR with +5.7 DEF and a 263/327/355 (95 wRC+) batting line.

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Offline  Re: Turang for sale??

Posted: September 03, 2021, 6:06 AM Post
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Fear The Chorizo said:
SRB said:
Fear The Chorizo said:
I think the knock on Turang will always be that he doesn't hit for enough power....while he'll never be a 30HR MLBer,

I believe this was the consensus on Luis Urias coming up as well, and he definitely looks now like a guy who could hit 30 HR at some point in his career.

Sure, but Turang has 10 HR spread across about 1000 minor league at bats, while Urias hit 36 minor league home runs at equivalent ages, including 19HR in AAA as a 22 yr old in only 340 at bats. Granted, Urias' power explosion in AAA came at launching pad El Paso.

I have a hard time seeing Turang's power potential going from a 5-10HR MLB player to 30 in the next few years, especially because that 5-10HR amount is still projecting him to find more slugging than what he currently has. Because of his speed and defensive ability, Brice doesn't have to hit for huge power to be a very good MLB player, though.

Why are you comparing equivalent age instead of ABs or PAs? Luis Urias got to start at the age of 17 and didn't lose an entire year to COVID. Comparing them based on what they did through their 21 year old season is incredibly misleading. Even then your numbers are wrong. Urias hit 19 homers, by my count, through his age 21 season.

Turang has 10 HRs in 998 ABs (first three years of pro ball). Luis Urias had 9 HRs in 1,306 ABs (first four years of pro ball).

I don't expect Turang to really ever have power, but I didn't expect Urias to find so much this season either. His track record in the minors and his MLB time pointed at a very low HR output in the future. Of course I wouldn't be shocked if Urias never hits 18+ homers in a season again.

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