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2017 WWE wrestling thread

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Posted: September 18, 2018, 9:38 AM Post
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Mass Haas said:

The interesting thing about WWF/E is that they control everything about their history and make sure the fans perceive events how the company wants it to be perceived. So when they do historical things like this that give the impression that they aren't kayfabe, it's tough to tell what is real and what is what they want you to think is real. This HIAC match is the most scrutinized event in wrestling history behind the Montreal screw job and both have varying accounts of how things actually happened.

After having watched this clip and other videos about the match, I'm still of the opinion that every single thing that happened was planned and happened exactly as it was planned. Mick and others have said the plan was to start on top of the cage and then they sort of insinuate that every else just kind of happened. The throw off the cage was obviously planned, there's no way Taker just decided in the spur of the moment to do it. Mick being taken out on the stretcher only to come roaring back was planned, it's one of the oldest tricks in the book. Parts of the roof of the cage breaking as they walked on them was planned to add drama and to set up the chokeslam through the cage. If the cage was really breaking under their feet I can't imagine they would have stayed up there as long as they did and certainly not actually taken any bumps on it. I haven't seen the whole match in a while but I'm pretty sure there were multiple bumps on top of the cage. They knew where to go and what was going to happen with that panel. If you watch Taker he completely repositions himself before the chokeslam, does a 180 around Foley and makes sure he's not on the same panel. Now, I do believe that most everyone else involved in the match didn't know what was going to happen, hence the reactions from all the referees and medical people. And Vince's constant look of "Why did I let Mick do this?"

None of that takes anything away from the match or the hell Foley put his body through. I have read that Mick and Taker worked out the match between themselves and Mick didn't want anyone what they were going to do. Mainly so that no one would stop them but also so that Taker wouldn't be held responsible if anything happened to Mick and they could pass it off as an unplanned accident or Mick just being stupid and doing his own thing.

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Posted: March 07, 2019, 7:21 AM Post
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Haven't seen this posted yet.

NSFW language

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