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Posted: October 31, 2019, 2:21 PM Post
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bjkrautk said:
I'm more of an AV Club guy, but I read Deadspin from time to time. Just can't help the irony of criticizing the "stick to sports, no politics" management perspective on a sports message board that expressly prohibits political discussion. I don't have any problem with the rule here (as someone who stopped posting on the Political forum, I think pre-Trump), and I'm not going to fault management for wanting both Democrats and Republicans to read the content (and generate page view revenue via advertisement).

I am admittedly curious to see if the site's writers band together and try to make a go of a patron-sponsored website. The only real, sustainable model I've seen for that approach following a high-profile firing is, but even that was heavily financed via venture capital...the types who make the types of demands Deadspin's editorial staff just got fired for not adhering to. (I'd also be curious to see if they just end up joining an existing site like the Athletic, which I assume is still burning through VC funding in hopes of growing the paying audience to reach a break-even point.)

Management didn't know the audience, the writers did. Online writers are largely evaluated by page views and loyalty to their readers is more valuable than loyalty to any given company or site. The writers were never going to go along with management and it seems like they protected the site from the higher-up for some time. In the end both sides win--the writers leave as heroes and management can now hire whoever they want for Deadspin and maybe a different group of readers will sweep in and start reading it. But it will never truly be "Deadspin" again, hence the obituaries.

I do see bit of a brewerfan analogy here..we do have our own set of values on this site and the steering committee/moderators believe in the mission and volunteer their time to uphold those values. If (hypothetically) somebody had the power to impose a different set of values, I'm sure a similar revolt would happen.

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Offline  Re: Deadspin

Posted: November 02, 2019, 8:59 AM Post
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On Friday an independent contracter/writer wrote an article about Draymond Green and Kevin Durant fighting, and sold it to Deadspin. Within a few hours there were over 1000 comments either bashing the writer as a scab, or bashing G/O media again, so now comments have been disabled on Deadspin (but not the other sections such as Jalopnik or The A/V Club..... yet), but people are continuing to very vocally state their displeasure with Spanfeller and G/O media on the other blogs.

Whatever G/O paid for Deadspin was too much, because now it's not worth diddly..

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