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Is Bruce Seid's job on the line? (UPDATE: RIP Bruce, you will be missed -- who will be new SD?)

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Offline  Re: Is Bruce Seid's job on the line? (UPDATE: Job secure!)

Posted: June 11, 2014, 2:07 AM Post
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Never Outhustled said:
There's no reason to think Gatewood is an over slot player. He has no interest in college so he lacks leverage. He was drafted where his talent dictated.

Harrison will get the extra money the team saved with senior selection Demuth in round 2. These guys aren't Boras clients, it will get done.

As for Seid, he definately needed this. I don't understand how some blame the farm system lack of talent on the Covey issue. We didn't lose a pick, it was just delayed a year. The problem was Sied flushed it by selecting a pedestrian college pitcher in Bradley. Sied finally seems to be drafting like his mentor, that was long overdo.

And that's incredibly easy to say after the fact, but at the time he was ranked among the top 10 by most draft pundits and at one point that year thought to be a potential top 3 pick.

He was not a pedestrian talent. We had two picks at 12 and 15 and we got two top 10 talents.
Everyone was thrilled when we signed Arnett.

Go back and look at the drafts from the last 15 years. There are going to be a lot of names you haven't heard of/thought of in a long time in the first round because of the nature of pitching.

Sied's "mentor," drafted position players which are far less risky(though obviously still very risky). That's who he had success with. I don't recall him developing many pitchers, much less many front line starters.
Nelson and Pena both have 2nd tier FB velocity

What exactly is "first tier," FB velocity then for a starting big league pitcher?

Certain posters on this forum here and there may think a prospect is much better than he is, we will all champion guys we like to a certain degree, but again we don't really have a pitcher with that true impact profile: 2-3 plus pitches, FB topping out at 95+, control with a BB rate down around 2, a K rate over 9 for their career, and who's going to give you 7+ IP on 110 pitches on a somewhat regular basis.

It sounds to me that while some posters may be a bit too high on prospects, your disdain with most things Brewers related comes down to just wildly unrealistic expectations. Those types of pitchers come around once in a generation. A pitcher who checks every box. Reguarly going 7 innings on 110 pitches, throwing 95+, 2-3 plus pitches, great control, great strikeout pitcher...all while developing in the minors.

You realize that often times pitchers in the minors sacrifice performance in order to work on developing pitches.

Either way, you quantify these things in such a limited way to make your point. Nelson didn't look good in Wisconsin. Without knowledge of what he was trying to work on, it's hard to make a real sound assessment. But he's dominated at every other level and he checks off every single criteria you're looking for.

Right now we have Peralta and Nelson who both have 1st tier fastball velocity(Peralta had one of the top FB's in the league last year and Nelson is very similar in terms of velocity). But of course having velocity is only half of it. Both of them throw a very heavy, moving FB. Something Thornburg doesn't do. They get GB's. That means a guy like Peralta can get by with more walks. Nelson has shown the ability to drastically limit his walks as he adjusts at every level.

In essence you're saying that we don't have a Clayton Kershaw in our system...and you're going back to this year or that year to further your argument that we're lacking in high ceiling players. Well, the thing about high ceiling players is they often struggle early on. More mature pitchers with lower ceilings tend to put up the numbers you're looking for. And I would add that leaving our GB/FO ratio is a huge ere in evaluation.

We do need at least 1 or 2 front line starters in order to contend in the post-season, but based on your criteria, how many pitchers are there in the game who fit? How many staffs? LAD...Washington maybe, Detroit and who else?

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Offline  Re: Is Bruce Seid's job on the line? (UPDATE: Job secure!)

Posted: September 04, 2014, 8:08 AM Post
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Is it too soon to talk about Bruce's replacement? Joe Ferrone is the national crosschecker for the Brewers. Interestingly, he once played for Perugia in the Italian league. Maybe our friend Calle ran across him at some point? Bruce Seid was an inside promotion but that doesn't mean they will go that way again.

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