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Names Mentioned in Final Weeks Before Draft - 2017 Edition

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Offline  Names Mentioned in Final Weeks Before Draft - 2017 Edition

Posted: May 18, 2017, 9:44 PM Post
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The draft is still a few weeks away, but it's never too early to start up our now annual thread dedicated to players rumored or mentioned to have a connection with the Brewers leading up to the draft. A combination of social media and player articles often tip us off to news exposing a connection between the Brewers and an amateur draft prospect. This can come in the form of private workouts, scouts in attendance at games, players mentioning the team has contacted them, or just simply rumors of a team's interest in a given draft prospect. It is important to note that many of these rumors or connections do not come to fruition on draft day. Nevertheless it is fun to explore them as we try to piece together what might happen during the draft. Most of the players mentioned in last year's thread were not drafted by the Brewers, but we did have one glorious success story as Payton Henry's relationship with the team was profiled in-depth prior to his eventual selection in the 6th round.

For those that would like to revisit past "names mentioned" threads you can find those here (2015 Thread and 2016 Thread).

While we like to use this thread to track Brewers related MLB draft rumors, please note that discussion and debate surrounding the Brewers potential draft picks is underway in the other draft thread, The 2017 Draft Thread. Please continue to utilize that thread for in-depth conversation and opinions about potential Brewers draft selections.

Rumors will not heat up until we get closer to draft day, so we will start with a small primer. Our first Blog Post Link is in regards to Minnesota high school prep pitcher Sam Carlson. In addition to listing a few teams (Mariners, Giants, and Blue Jays) that reportedly have Carlson very high on their boards, the author notes, "teams that pick in the top ten that have interest are the Braves and Brewers."

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Offline  Re: Names Mentioned in Final Weeks Before Draft - 2017 Edition

Posted: May 23, 2017, 11:37 AM Post
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I haven't given up on Trent Clark yet, but looking back at the 2015 thread makes me wish that the mock draft that had Buehler to Milwaukee would have become a reality. I know there was the arm injury and probably some signability issues with him, but he's certainly living up to his potential now that his arm is back to health. Embarrassment of riches for the LA Dodgers.

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