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Unsigned Brewers Picks Eligible for 2017 Draft

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Offline  Unsigned Brewers Picks Eligible for 2017 Draft

Posted: June 10, 2017, 9:29 AM Post
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I thought it might be interesting to some here to see a consolidated list of past Brewers draft selections that went unsigned and are eligible for the 2017 MLB draft. I sifted through the past few drafts to accumulate the list. I stuck with "draft eligible in 2017" as my criteria so there are a couple of players listed that are highly unlikely to be drafted this year, but are technically eligible. Since some of you may be curious what players have done statistically since being drafted by the Brewers I have linked each player's Baseball Cube player page with the exception of Brandon Gonzalez who doesn't have one. I sorted the list by the year and round each player was drafted by the Brewers. I will update this original post as the draft plays out to note which players are re-drafted including round and team. If you think I missed a former unsigned selection that is eligible for this year's draft or you notice any other errors please let me know.

Unsigned Brewers Draft Picks Eligible for 2017 MLB Draft

Ky Parrott (26th round selection), OF, James Madison
Nick Eicholtz (29th round selection; drafted in 2016 13th round by Marlins), RHP, Alabama
Kenny Meimerstorf (40th round selection), OF, Florida International

Ben Onyshko (16th round selection), LHP, Stetson
J.J. Schwarz (17th round selection), C, Florida - Drafted by Rays (Round 38)
Tate Blackman (20th round selection), SS, Ole Miss - Drafted by White Sox (Round 13)
Cre Finfrock (26th round selection), RHP, Central Florida
Turner Larkins (28th round selection), RHP, Texas A&M - Drafted by Blue Jays (Round 21)
Eric White (32nd round selection), RHP, Dallas Baptist
Hunter Tackett (36th round selection), OF, Miami
Eric Ramirez (37th round selection), 1B, Hawaii
Carl Chester (38th round selection), OF, Miami - Drafted by Rays (Round 12)
John Gavin (39th round selection), LHP, Cal State Fullerton - Drafted by Giants (Round 8)
Taylor Lane (40th round selection), SS, Arizona State

Willie Schwanke (22nd round selection), IF/RHP, Wichita State
Tristan Beck (34th round selection), RHP, Stanford - Drafted by Yankees (Round 29)
Brandon Gonzalez (37th round selection), IF/RHP, Hope International

Brennan Price (29th round selection), RHP, Felician College
Kyle Serrano (40th round selection), RHP, Tennessee - Drafted by Astros (Round 10)

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Offline  Re: Unsigned Brewers Picks Eligible for 2017 Draft

Posted: June 11, 2017, 8:28 AM Post
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Thanks for these, and your other aggregations. They are highly useful.

In particular, I've followed Beck and Schwarz probably the most since we drafted them. Schwarz had that incredible freshman season at Florida and then has progressively gotten worse as soph and junior, and was a non-factor in Cape Cod. If he could have been drafted after his freshman year, he honestly may have gone top ten. It kind of shows you how the bloom can fall off with younger guys and you can extend that to the obvious risk you take with high schoolers.

Rivera became their catcher and I don't know if he's lost it mentally or if his freshman year was an illusion. I'd still be interested in him somewhere on day two of the drafts, maybe 5th or 6th round.

Beck is a different animal. He's sitting on an injury but he knows how to pitch. Good era, good whip. I'd be excited if we could get him at 34, assuming the medical folks believe his lower back is not a huge hindrance. Those things can be stubborn but there's risk for a variety of reasons on most players.

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Offline  Re: Unsigned Brewers Picks Eligible for 2017 Draft

Posted: June 11, 2017, 10:49 AM Post
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Tate Blackman had a pretty good season offensively; not sure if defensively he can stick at SS, but I wouldn't mind (or be surprised) if the Brewers take a stab at him somewhere in the 8th-12th rounds.

Serrano left the team for "personal medical reasons" towards the end of April. Not sure what that means, but coming off of TJ surgery in 9.2 IP he struck out 21. I'd take a flyer on him again somewhere to see if he can get healthy.

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