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Home-park specific OPS+?

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Offline  Home-park specific OPS+?

Posted: October 02, 2011, 6:43 AM Post
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I'll start by saying that I understand what OPS+ is & what it describes. However, I got to wondering about home-park park effects... Curtis Granderson's 40 HR season is what got that ball rolling.


The image is from Granderson's HitTrackerOnline (ESPN) page. Here's Miguel Cabrera's:


What I'm curious about is... is there an OPS+ variant that factors in specific elements that home parks affect more than others? Yankee Stadium & Miller Park both lead to more HRs in most seasons, but not necessarily offense overall (although both parks definitely were hitters' parks all around in 2011). I think I'm understanding correctly that OPS+ only factors in home park (as in, overall offensive impact), & doesn't weigh home park HR v. 2B/3B v. overall hits.

Would there be any benefit to an OPS+ -esque stat that better conveyed what elements of offense were aided & impeded by a player's home park? Would that be possible to display, statistically? Would there be a big enough benefit over something less complex, like OPS+, to justify crunching the extra numbers?

I ask because Granderson looks to have about 10 HRs this season that may well not have gone out away from Yankee Stadium. I realize that the chart displays all HRs, not just those hit at home, so I'm trying to be conservative in my count. So for a tangible example, can frequency of types of hitting event be weighed relative to home ballparks, so that a short porch like Yankee Stadium's RF would be reflected better? Or the fact that HRs tend to fly out at a higher rate in Miller Park?

It's obvious how a big park all-around like Comerica Park will take HRs away from a hitter. But aside from making the general assumption that a short RF porch will benefit LH hitters, can a ballpark's more nuanced impact(s) be better described than they already are? Would it matter if the nuances were better-described, or is the difference from an existing stat (like OPS+) too small to be relevant?

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