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What is not allowed

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Online  What is not allowed

Posted: August 07, 2019, 7:28 PM Post
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Just a reminder...

1) From Fan Forum Etiquette:
What kind of discussion is not allowed?

Please keep politics, religion, and sex out of the forum. Fairly or not, these topics have regularly resulted in threads going out of control. Also, please avoid contentious topics such as racial and ethnic issues.
If you're into discussing these topics, we recommend the separate forum Brewerfan Political Scene.

Consent is a contentious topic

2) Just mentioning a politician doesn't make a post political. I could say "The Brewers haven't been in a World Series since the Reagan era." That is not political. If someone responded, "Man, the Reagan era sucked because...Reagan." That would be political.

3) Politics aren't the only topics to avoid. See #1.

4) Just because people are discussing a contentious topic civilly does not mean the thread will stay open.

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