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Forum Tone II

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Offline  Forum Tone II

Posted: December 08, 2019, 8:53 PM Post
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I think it’s time to mention that the tone on here between a lot of posters has been decreasing by the week. People are constantly being snarky, twisting words, being condescending, bashing the organization and owner as a whole, and just trying to prove everyone else wrong even if most of the people are on the same page.

Why can’t people just state their side and have another poster actually state their opinion of either why they agree or why they disagree instead of people always needing to take a jab at each other somewhere in their response? Aren’t we all here to share our opinions and viewpoints on what we think the Brewers should or shouldn’t do? Why is it a constant battle of people needing to prove others wrong?

Sometimes if you don’t agree with someone, read it and move on. If you want to respond, state that you feel like player B would be a better option than player A because blank. Instead, people just say something like “he sucks and has done nothing since 2015. There’s absolutely nothing positive he can bring”. It’s pretty obvious that someone that took the time to present their opinion on someone or something isn’t going to take that response well. And obviously not every post is quite that aggressive, but you get the point.

I come here to read Brewers news, share opinions, and read different ideas on ways the Brewers can do things to field a competitive team. I don’t need to read people making snarky remarks and people beating other posters down and dismissing their viewpoints so harshly all the time.

I’m not going to point anyone out, but there’s some long time posters and consistent posters here that even in the last few weeks have changed how they tend to post. And it’s definitely not for the better.

If you think the owner is cheap and slashing payroll, say “I feel like the Brewers payroll is going to be lower this year and am disappointed that Yelich might not have a good enough supporting cast to make a World Series push this year”. Instead, we get “cheap Mark does it again! He needs another yacht!”. I think it’s obvious which post is going to set people off and lead to arguments. Another example would be “I don’t think Jeffress is going to bounce back from his rough 2019. He looked like he was overmatched and I don’t think he will get back to where he was in the past”. Instead, you might get “Jeffress is washed up. That bum shouldn’t see another mound ever again”. Again, pretty obvious that people who like Jeffress or just other posters in general might be turned off or annoyed with that post.

Anyway, I hope the tone of people around here can get a little better. We can all do better. That one line of snarkiness whether part of a long post or the entire point of a post does not need to be included. It is not doing anything productive for anyone or contributing in a positive way toward sharing our passions for Brewers baseball.

I hope this can be addressed and that all posters here in general want to have more productive and interesting discussions than battles of superiority and intelligence.

I know that I am tired of the way things have read here the last little while. I am sure others are tired of it as well.

Thank you.

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Posted: December 10, 2019, 11:04 AM Post
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I hope people can read this and take it to heart.


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Posted: December 13, 2019, 3:08 PM Post
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well stated, but it just isn't here. The tone brewer fans take in other forums is very similar. I am not sure why it has happened. Its like the brewers have some sustained success and everyone looses their mind because they don't want the brewers to be bad again and is taking everything stated that they don't agree with personally. In the end its just a game. If the brewers lose 90 games or win the world series it really doesn't affect our everyday lives. Lets not be crappy to each other who come here just to talk about the team that we all love.

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Offline  Re: Forum Tone II

Posted: December 24, 2019, 7:15 PM Post
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It isn't the last few weeks it started a few years back already. The tone shifted quite a while ago which is why I come here very infrequently.

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