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In-Game Thread FAQ

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Offline  In-Game Thread FAQ

Posted: February 24, 2009, 5:21 PM Post
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What is this forum for?

The In-Game Thread forum is for discussing each Brewer game of spring training, the regular season, and (god willing) the postseason.
One thread will be started for each game. Another thread can be started for each day's games that do not involve the Brewers.

What kind of discussion is appropriate here?

In-game threads (IGTs) are a handy way to archive discussion pertaining to specific games, and are fun to look back on later as well. Since most IGT posts are made while a game is in progress, they are inevitably more impromptu than posts in other forums.

Still, with the exception being guidelines pertaining to one-line messages, IGT posts are subject to Brewerfan's general Fan Forum Etiquette. Here are some examples of what to do and what not to do in IGTs:

  • Describe plays in detail when helpful.
  • Discuss umpires' calls, scoring decisions, matchups, substitutions/strategy.
  • Discuss what's going on in the park and what the broadcasters are talking about.
  • Offer relevant links related to the game itself.
  • Discuss non-Brewer games in the IGTs for Brewer games, or vice versa.
  • Use the thread to discuss issues that are largely outside the scope of the game.
  • Use the thread to insult players or team staff. There are all kinds of bad decisions in baseball, but players and staff are not bad people. A bad pitch does not make Jeff Suppan an idiot; a misplayed grounder does not mean that Prince Fielder is garbage.
  • Declare the game over before the score goes final. Despite a universe of statistics, baseball regularly provides proof that nothing is a sure thing.
Should I be doing play by play commentary?

No. Virtually all Brewer games are covered in real-time by a plethora of sports websites, so there is no need to provide a play-by-play or inning-by-inning recap, solely to list what happened.


  • Describing specific plays in detail for posters who can't see a filthy pitch, web gem or other remarkable action.
    For example, if you're watching a game on TV and a member who's following by radio asks how on earth Rickie got to that grounder in time to turn the double play, feel free to chime in with your observations.
  • Providing general recaps for spring training games, which tend to get less media coverage than regular season and postseason games.
Finally, to try to keep IGTs organized and easy to sort/locate, we've developed a usability guide for IGTs. It can be accessed from most IGT forum pages via the row of links directly above the discussion area. Templates for starting threads, along with information on how to use them, are included in the guide.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy the in-game discussions!

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Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.

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